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Looking for beef recipes? This app has more than 10,000 trusted beef recipes including roast beef, beef Crock Pot, beef stew and beef Casseroles as well as new recipe ideas for mince, corned beef and stewing steak.

The main methods for cooking beef include grilling, roasting, and sautéing, pan-frying, pan-boiling, broiling, stewing and braising. generally beef is always cooked in direct contact with a hot surface or near a heat source. There are generally two important methods of cooking beef and those are the dry heat method and the moist heat method. Normally, when beef is used for preparing stews the meat is combined with vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, onions and garlic. The hot liquid provided when the beef is stewed actually tenderizes the meat and combined with vegetables acts as a flavoring source. There are numerous recipes of beef dishes regarding different parts of the beef. The ribs, shoulders and other bony parts are generally used for preparing stews or they can be pan-fried, sautéed or braised, while the part which are richer in meat are used for grilling or for pan-frying dishes. Some of the most delicious beef recipes prepared all around the world include beef stew, beef stroganoff, beef with black beans, braised beef pot roast, fiesta steak, green sirloin with citrus salsa and roast beef with couscous. Beef is widely served with a variety of vegetables and fruits which generally flavors the dish.

One of the most important things before cooking beef is to bring it to the room temperature, preferable without using the microwave. One of the most popular methods of cooking beef is to grill it. the most common grilled dishes prepared with beef are hamburger patties, top loin steak and rib eye steak. The cooking time for beef varies from ten minutes for the grilled beef skirt to four and a half hours for the chuck roasted beef. Beef is known to be a red meat because the animal's muscles need so much oxygen as they work keeping the cow upright and moving it around. Due to the fact that beefs in most made of muscles the cooking method has to be chosen properly in order to maintain the meat qualities. Like other red colored meat types, beef is actually very easy to cook because it is comprised mainly of tissue, fat and bone. The cooking methods depend actually on the quantity of tissues, fats and bones. the parts of the beef which consist mainly of muscles are usually grilled or braised while those which consist more of bones and fats are used for stews, roasting or pan-boiling.