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ezSights Celestial Navigation

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Navigation
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Please check out for a full description of the application and in-app help pages.

ezSights is a complete celestial navigation package for the iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®. It provides simple interfaces for entering sight parameters, planning the navigational bodies to use and time of day to make the observations, and entering the observations made using a sextant. Then with the click of a button a fix is determined from the observations made.


▪ Internally calculated Nautical Almanac values, valid through 2059.
▪ Performs all calculations with same algorithms used by the US Naval Observatory for the Nautical Almanac.
▪ Supports all navigational bodies currently referenced in the Nautical Almanac.
▪ Computes rise and set times for the sun and moon.
▪ Computes moon phase, HP, parallax and semi-diameter.
▪ Animated star map to aid in locating and identifying all navigational bodies.
▪ Display of full day, morning, or evening altitude profiles for all navigational bodies.
▪ Save current data and up to 7 previous fixes. Each session can have up to 25 observations on up to 6 navigational bodies.
▪ Supports running fixes.
▪ 2 different methods for determining a fix.
▪ Supports practice sights using a bubble horizon, artificial horizon, or large body of water using dip short.
▪ Integration with iOS® Maps to display saved fixes. Also supports setting the assumed position by dropping a pin on the map.
▪ Integration with iOS® location services to obtain position and magnetic variance.
▪ Integration with iOS® devices with compass for direction-up display of the star map and to show azimuth of object currently being observed.
▪ Integration with iOS® data network for setting UTC time from network time using NTP servers.