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Make My Own Puzzles

iPhone / iPad
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** Just as a heads up, this app generates word puzzles that are NOT playable in the app. That was never the intention. Rather it generates puzzles that are to print, email, or insert into a document using your own word processor. **

"Creating a puzzle couldn’t be easier...Overall, this universal app is a ton of fun and well worth the price of admission." - 

There was a time when I decided that I would like to make my own crossword puzzle from a list of my own words and hints. Just to print and use as a handout in a class. Unfortunately there was no app for that. So now there is! This app is designed to make the process of creating a clean printable word search or crossword as simple as possible. Just give it a title and an author, specify a few other settings, and add your word list. That's it, you're ready to generate a puzzle. You control the difficulty through your setup. The generated puzzles include a puzzle sheet, a hint sheet, and an answer key. If you have AirPrint set up on you can select the pages to print and print straight off of the device. Or you can email the puzzles and print them off a desktop computer (or send them directly to the recipient). As extra alternatives, puzzles can be exported as JPG or PNG images for use on websites or in your own documents, if your software allows. Please check out the app website for samples of the puzzle outputs.

A couple of things to be aware of...

1) Depending on your device and the size and complexity of the puzzle, it could take some time to make the puzzle and all of the resulting files. Please be patient! If the wheel is spinning and the clock is ticking, then it's working.

2) The algorithm for the crossword puzzle generator is thorough! But it also starts randomized. So if it starts with a certain word in a certain location and places other words on that word in certain locations, some of the words may not be fit. Please make sure that you've included words that have a wide enough variety of letters. Should you find a word that you really want in the puzzle is not placed, maybe try a couple more times. If it still can't be placed you may need to add more words to the list to create more placement opportunities. Play around with it and if it can place it, it will.

3) I program as a hobby and English is my native language. You can use the standard English alphabet when creating puzzles as well as these characters: À Á Ì Í Â Ä Ç È É Ê Ë Î Ï Ñ Ô Ø Œ Ù Û Ü Ÿ à Ẽ Õ Ũ Ṽ Ỹ

Problems? I would appreciate a chance to correct it before you leave negative feedback. Or if you just have general feedback or suggestions, please fire me an email. And if you feel generous, I do enjoy reviews!