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EntrepreneurHD: the iPad guide to raising venture capital for your new or growing business.

Whether raising $100 or $100,000,000 for a start-up, growth phase, new market entry, IPO bridging or acquisition, the process for attracting and convincing potential Investors is the same.

Entrepreneur guides you through the steps necessary to give you the best chance of securing Investment (from a Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor).

Optimized for the iPad, Entrepreneur can be taken into every meeting as your pocket investment PA!

Entrepreneur’s Quick Start guide identifies the six key areas that need to be addressed even before you call your favorite VC and helps get you past that all important first phone call; with Quick Start’s help you are soon preparing for your pitch to interested investors.

Writing and delivering your pitch, writing your Business Plan and ensuring that key Investor metrics are met are all vital to maximise your chances of success.

Entrepreneur covers the 14 sections of a typical Business Plan and identifies the key entries and must-haves in each section; in particular, help is provided for gathering and motivating you team, understanding and dealing with risk, focussing on the key numbers and understanding and explaining scalability.

You need never feel disadvantaged again when Investors start using terms or expressions you are not sure about; Entrepreneur’s 120+ Glossary entries ensure you are never left wondering what a particular issue means or how it affects you.

And finally, Entrepreneur, warns you of the things not to do and the risks not to take; the author of Entrepreneur has raised over $100,000,000 in a mixture of equity (private and public), debt and bridging for all stages of company (seed, start-up, growth, acquisition, merger, IPO and more). You can take advantage of this experience and expertise with Entrepreneur in stunning HD on your iPad.