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Percentage Calculator 365+ : Percent Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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  • Finance
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Percentage Calculator has a full set of percentage functions built in, with only one touch needed to use. No filling in little text boxes, that's just too slow and frustrating. No wheel rotations needed. No tiny keypads. Just fast, one-touch buttons to use. You can do an entire calculation in around 3 seconds or less. This calculator is fast, convenient, and is a pleasure to use. It also has a built-in standard calculator, and a built-in adding machine.


* ONE-TOUCH BUTTONS: Large one-touch specialized percentage buttons, just like on a real calculator. Percentage functions only require one tap of a button.

* COMPREHENSIVE PERCENTAGE FUNCTIONS: A comprehensive set of 8 percentage functions, covers all you'll ever likely need. Take a look at the screenshots.

* BUILT-IN STANDARD CALCULATOR: Built-in standard arithmetic (+,-,x, ÷) calculator to use in conjunction with the percentage functionalities

* CURRENCY MODE: Allows you to have currency symbols automatically added when calculating money amounts, so you can do eg. "25.6% of $2,566.8 = $657.10". Supported Currencies are: Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen. You can turn currency mode OFF at any time.

* MEMORY: Built-in multiple MEMORY functionality. You can store up to 3 numbers.

* TAPE: Tape of calculations is available. Calculations are recorded onto tape, so you can go back and see what you have calculated,

* EMAIL: You can email the Tape to yourself or others

* INTERNATIONAL FORMATS: International formats available, e.g 1,000.00 or 1.000,00

* CUSTOMIZABLE: Skin of the calculator can be changed. More than 20 skins to choose from.