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shinobiplay - a must have tool for iOS developers!

Interact with charts, grids, gauges and UI controls then find out how to recreate them yourselves.

Featured Gallery – experience shinobicharts and shinobitoolkit through highly stylized working examples. Be inspired and then learn how to produce them yourself.

Full Gallery – with over 50 real-life examples of shinobicharts and shinobitoolkit controls this area is stacked with examples for you to explore and consider when working on your designs.

Flip any of the tiles over to explore the details and discover all of the potential you too could produce.

And if you want to reproduce any of these in your own app, we've made it incredibly easy: on the back of every example is a button taking you to the source code on GitHub, so you can browse, clone, or fork the code to your heart's content.

shinobiplay - inspiration and learning!