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!! Important Note: Some people says we haven't hear any sound in this app. This is not correct, there is a sound and this app is playable. However in some iOS versions the sound button is moved another screen, so you may not notice that your system sound may be off. By solving this issue, we suggest you to check this Youtube video to get your sound on and play this bandoneon app. Check sound options video from here:


This amazing Bandoneon application is both for players and beginners to practice without carrying their valuable instrument around. Also those who are in love with Tango and curious about this authentic instrument, this app provides them a chance to experience what it feels like to play the Bandoneon.

The voice recorded for this application is originated from an Alfred Arnold (Doble AA) Bandoneon from the 1930's. While you practice with this application you will both enjoy the sound and appreciate the Bandoneon players who dedicated their lives to Bandoneon.

Technical Specifications for this Bandoneon Application:

- Switch between right hand (treble) and left hand (bass) keyboard layouts

- Bellow opening and closing button feature. Originally notes will change when open and close the bellow of the Bandoneon.

- 142 Tones Rheinische TonLage starting from Piano's 2nd octave Do and 6th octave Si.

- Showing and Hiding the note layouts for beginners who want to learn to play Bandoneon

- Vibrato Feature: You can vibrate the sound by pressing the notes and Vibrato button at the same time.

Note: If you do not hear any sound when pressing the notes, you have to be sure that you are pressing exactly on the buttons. If you press near the buttons, you may not hear the sound of the related notes.

For iPad version of this application, the layout size is the same as the original Bandoneon instrument.