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Wilderness Survival Handbook-outdoor adventure survival first aid book

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This manual solve all the problems of life !
This is a manual in extreme environments adventure, adventure, adventure use. Only when necessary to protect themselves
Shall be first, adventure becomes necessary, we can resort to various methods and techniques provided in the manual . These parties
France has more than once and techniques to help people save their lives , or become a hero.

16 years of professional military career , so I had a chance to Special Air Force (SAS) services. As British imperial
One of the elite troops home , her training goal is to make all kinds of different combatants to complete any location in the world
Often arduous combat missions , usually isolated in enemy territory with the main domain for group operations. This requires fighting
Must become your own doctor , pilot and cook . Particularity additional action is unlikely
Supplies , they must also be able to survive very well when far from home ,
Must be able to cope with all kinds of man-made or natural causes of accidents and problems . In order to survive and security, they must master
Can the skills to survive in any environment .
After honing long-term global service, I became a SAS survival instructor.
Ensure that each member of the team can skillfully use these survival skills to be my duty. Training and execution
Various elements of combat tasks that must be mastered , form the basis of this book.
Foggy Bottom trapped Behind jungle , desert sea when aground , whether soldiers or civilians, will face survival
Problems. In order to facilitate the rescue , the only difference is that soldiers need covert civilians are eager to attract attention .
Whether old or young , strong or weak , everyone wants to be a survivor. As individuals, the body
The more robust body , with more extensive knowledge , the more chance of survival.
When an emergency occurs , many people will face the question of how to survive . There must be brave to face and cope with turning
Car , ready to collision and natural disasters.
Must learn how to deal with accidental injuries , how to stay healthy and how to help in the event of an emergency
More unfortunate than their peers . Water, food , fire and the shelter are necessary for survival , you should know
How to get them when the road in distress . Send a distress signal to attract searchers attention , bring hope to the rescue work .
But even without assistance , you should also be able to find a security, known how to cross the river , trek mountains .
You may be isolated place on Earth took a - Arctic ice or in the vast deserts , rainforests or sight
Sea, different environmental requirements of each unique survival skills. Mountains, forests, wilderness and swamps are likely
Bring danger to survival , but also provides a corresponding chance of survival - food, fuel , water and shelter from the

And so on , provided you familiar with how to use them.