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Music Case

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Turn your iPad into your personal music library!

And get mobile access to your scores with scorio Music Case - no matter, whether you have written them yourself on scorio or whether they are from famous composers. As of now, scorio Music Case also offers scores from renowned music publishers for purchase. We start with a bouquet of well-known opera arias, for example from Verdi, Donizetti, Bizet and Wagner. More arias and other music pieces will be available soon.

scorio Music Case is not just another notation reader. Thanks to flexiScore® technology you can adapt your sheet music to your personal needs.

scorio Music Case is the perfect music stand for your next gig. You need huge sheet music and don’t have a third hand to scroll around in a zoomed sheet while playing? Then scorio Music Case is for you! scorio Music Case scales your music and fits it to the iPad display. You can also set page breaks and transpose the piece into another key.

You are a singer and want to practice a choir piece or an opera aria? Let the integrated MIDI Studio accompany you with 128 selectable instruments. Choose speed and volume of each staff as you need. Mute or emphasize the staff you want to practice.

Loading and formatting scores requires an internet connection and (only for accessing personal scorio scores) a free scorio account. As soon as you have saved the scores to scorio Music Case, you can use them offline.

scorio Music Case at a glance:

Keep scores from different sources in a single music shelf:
- Your own scores written on scorio website
- Published scores from search on scorio website
- Purchased scores from music publishers via In App Store

Play music and study:
- Horizontal and vertical view of sheet music
- Play back score with MIDI
- A cursor automatically follows the music during play back
- Automatic page turning during play back
- Choose an instrument for each staff (128 instruments)
- Adjust volume separately for each staff
- Mute staffs for play along
- Transpose the key used for play back (keeping original score)
- Change concert pitch
- Change tempo during play back
- Page turning with AirTurn® foot pedal
- AirPlay® via Bluetooth or WLAN enabled

Adapt your scores with flexiScore® technology:
- Render scaled score fitting iPad display
- Transpose score to another key
- Set page breaks on bar level

Pluscore® functionality in all scores by Schott Music:
- Conducting with the Virtual Conductor:
-- Control tempo and volume
-- Record and play back your own conducted interpretation
- Record and play back your own voice with an accompaniment

By buying scorio Music Case you are supporting the free music editor scorio.