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The BEEP video, included with the app teaches you 4 crucial techniques to reduce stuttering. This will not only get you started on the right track toward full fluency, but will also help you to maintain the fluency as time goes on, by reminding you of what you have learned. Think of it as your own personal study guide. You can also contact us, for ongoing support and encouragement by using the resources provided in the video.

The DAF BEEP Pro is the first ever implementation of a true chorus effect with up to 10 auditory feedbacks. The DAF BEEP Pro implements the methods DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback) and FAF (Frequency Altered Feedback) that have been shown to significantly reduce stuttering for most stutterers. The app works by recording the speech through your headset, applying these methods and playing the modified audio back to you.

* DAF stands for "Delayed Auditory Feedback" and means that the recorded audio is played back with a small, configurable delay (40 .. 500 ms).

* FAF means "Frequency Altered Feedback". The pitch of the recorded sounds is shifted up or down by up to 12 halftones (one octave) and then played back through the headset.

* This version of the app includes the "Multi-DAF" feature. Instead of having just one auditory feedback, you can now have up to 10, each with a different delay and pitch adjustment!

Additional features:

* Background operation: on the iOS versions that support multitasking, this program will continue to run in the background. You may browse the web, write your emails, etc. while enjoying the DAF/FAF support.

* Bluetooth support: If you've got an iPhone, iPod touch 4th generation (or newer), or iPad 2 (or newer) and a bluetooth headset, you can use that with this application. Please note that the bluetooth transmission causes an additional small delay.

* Configurable left-right balance: Ideal if you want to walk around with both earbuds of your headset plugged in, but prefer to hear the auditory feedback only in one ear.

* Configurable volume boost: makes low noises louder without overdriving loud noises (automatic compression).

* Optional auto-mute: Configure the sensitivity and set a delay between 1 and 60 seconds.

* Optionally enable the 7-band equalizer to have even more customization options.

This app is compatible with the iPhone (starting with the iPhone 3G), iPad and iPod touch (starting with the third generation). Please note that the equalizer and multi-DAF feature need some additional processing power and therefore are not supported on the iPhone 3G. You will need Apple earphones with mic or a bluetooth headset.

If you are happy with this program, please tell your friends about it, or write a positive review on the App Store. If you are not, please use the feedback form that you get after clicking the support link to write me a message. I will do what I can to get it working on your device. Customer satisfaction is very important to me.

This app was developed by Florian Student. You may reach me by filling out the feedback form hat you get after clicking the support link.