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Creative Shapes: Puzzles for Toddlers

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Complete our 28 puzzles with bright shapes to watch the fun designs spring to life!

EASY: app is designed for very young kids: just Drag & Drop pieces!

EDUCATIVE: kids are able to play with this app on their own, but you can teach them colours and the names of common geometric shapes.

INSPIRING: this app may be the start to your child's creativity and imagination!

USEFUL: great for early development in kids, specifically for:
- shape recognition;
- eye-hand coordination;
- fine motor skills development.

FUN: each puzzle is a little story and has some fun animated reward which is appreciated by kids with enthusiasm, like:
- stars bursting out with fireworks;
- funny smiley circles jumping and leaping;
- CARS and TRAIN driving away to reappear again and again!

UNIQUE: the only puzzles which may look different every time you kid plays:
- Pick pieces of different colours for the same design! So, will the cars be blue, red of yellow,is up to your kid's this moment decision!
- Add extra pieces to the composition! This is great for a kid's creativity and also fun: check it out if the cars can carry something!
- Finding out what extra pieces will do is a part of the fun!

There are 28 magic puzzles in this collection and we are likely to add more in the future. You can participate, too!
We have similar apps for older kids:
- KIDS line: some pieces should be rotated only (there are a lovely train which is our favourite and a very nice car, and some dancing characters);
- SUPERKIDS line: awesome animal designs with some pieces which must be rotated and resized - excellent for fine motor skills development.
We used our ABC Magnetic Board with Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes and Toys to create this app. It is a great educational source, and also is fun and good for creative play.