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Poker Solitaire Cards

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The classic card game! Poker is a solitaire.
Has been called Poker Solitaire, Poker Peshensu, and also poker Square.

Select the sheet 25 sheets of 52 cards at random from a set of
We will put on the mass of 5x5 like the card one by one.

Please trim the role of each line poker high score by 5, to a total of 10 vertical and horizontal line.

Score is not an American-style scoring in the order of the role of time can easily chose a card at random
United Kingdom has adopted a strategic formula such that the higher.

30 points Royal Flush
30 points Straight Flush
16 points Four of a Kind
12 points straight
10 points Full House
6 points Three of a Kind
5 flash point
3 point two pair
1 point One Pair