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Primary Basics

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Practice basic skills with Primary Basics; quick, easy and fun Maths Morsels is a great way to practice basic skills.

This basic skills practice app allows you to perfect individual competencies one level at a time. Each set of questions allows the student to practice a new skill or extend that skill.

Addition and subtraction level 1 deals with the learners first introduction to arithmetic, dealing with numbers up to 30, level 2 numbers up to 50, depending on where you are schooled this is covered in year 1 or years 1 and 2.

Level 1 and 2 Multiplication and Division deals with 'times' tables, level 1 up to 6 times 15 and level 2 up to 15 times 15, level 3 multiplication up to 600.

The Numberline quizzes covers a basic introduction to number line skills. Position, bigger, smaller and difference. Again depending on the system you are in will define when they are covered at school but our levels cover the order in which the skills are covered.

Time covers everything from telling the time (analogue and digital) to the calendar.

For each session a new set of up to 50 random questions is generated for each ten minute practice session. The student can go for speed or accuracy or both. Confidence in basic skills is the first step to confidence in the mathematics arena.

This app is about 'instant gratification', young students often get lost in a written explanation of what they did wrong, it is often all about the result and improving that number. The app just gives feed back on how many answers are correct against how many questions attempted.

10 minutes every day on the bus, in the car or even while waiting for a tv program could give you a significant advantage in the classroom, taking tests or just impressing your friends in the playground.