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Nanfang Daily, founded in October 23, 1949, is the official organ of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee as well as a flagship media of Nanfang Media Group. As a provider of intelligent information, Nanfang Daily has firmly established itself as a high-end, mainstreamed newspaper on politics and economy in south China with its irreplaceable authoritativeness, credibility and high-quality in mainstreamed news and in-depth reports. It is aimed at high-value readers including civil servants, business managers, professionals and so on. In addition, it has a profound influence on the society, politics, economy and cultural trends of Guangdong and China as a whole.
The official website of Nanfang Daily,, emphasizes not only the authoritativeness and promptness, but also the integration and understandability of its news reports. It covers news flashes, current events, finance and economic analysis, in-depth reports, prefectural observation and cultural lives and features an all-media platform incorporating interaction with readers and publication of public opinions. The website has become one of the top choices for readers home and abroad to get the most authoritative and latest information about Guangdong.

Nanfang Daily Reader is Nanfang Daily's latest-launched official client for the mobile Internet. Extending the core-competitiveness of Nanfang Daily, it provides news reports on politics and economy to readers on smart phones and pads. Fully reflecting our concept that “vision makes power”, it is a competitive all-media application, satisfying readers' mobile needs and their reading habits.