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Introduction to Physical Science

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Do you ever wonder what causes lightning? How rainbows form? Why the sky is blue? What happens when a plane breaks the sound barrier? Or why inhaling helium changes our voice?

These are just a few of the fascinating topics and questions that you will have answered in the Physical Science App.

The audio lectures combined with the informative graphics and numerous multiple choice questions engage learners that are curious about the world around them. The flash cards help reinforce what you have learned.

This app is designed for those seeking to get ready for a course on Physical Science in the junior high and early high school years or someone that is preparing to take Physics. It’s also the perfect app for people that just want to know how a laser works, how a falling object reaches terminal velocity and why astronauts in space are not truly weightless.

Each of the eleven topics covered are presented in smaller, more digestible lectures of seven to twelve minutes. Users can learn and review on the way to school! With the ability to pause the lecture and examine colorful graphics, in-depth learning has never been so convenient.

During the multiple choice review session immediate feedback is given and a variety of statistics are kept. Useful tips along the way also make this an enjoyable experience with less frustration. If you miss a question or have to guess, an explanation from the chapter pops up to refresh your memory.

This app was created by David Dyer, who has been teaching Physical Science and Physics to 8th through 12th graders for six years.

He currently teaches at Ben Eielson Junior/Senior High School on Eielson Air Force Base and serves as the Science Department Head.

David been acknowledged for his successful implementation of technology in the classroom including using iPods for individualized feedback assessments. A video about gravity that he created in 2006 and posted on YouTube was adopted by Hong Kong’s Ministry of Education to include in their accelerated learners curriculum.

In 2009 he received a Teacher of the Year Award from the Air Force Association’s Midnight Sun chapter.

David graduated from Stanford University with a degree in the interdisciplinary Program in Science, Technology and Society. He is currently working on a Masters in Teaching Science at Nova Southeastern University.

He lives in North Pole, Alaska with his beautiful wife and son.