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What if we could re-design Asset Monitoring with today's state of the art

That is how we developed IMBU, using today's technologies, centered around
the users and their organization.

Some of IMBU's features:

Aggregation: Data is aggregated by machine-type and by location. This
results in a "helicopter view" of your assets and their operation.

Internationalization: IMBU supports multiple languages. Users can quickly
switch between languages. IMBU functions as a communications bridge serving
multi-national operations.

Local data storage: For many reasons, IMBU has chosen to operate on the
Apple iPad. The Data-storage is used to cache data for offline use. This
guarantees updated operational data is always available and can be used
during operational discussions, planning & meetings, with or without active
internet connection.

These and many more features make IMBU a valuable tool to support
maintenance and operation of hundreds of assets, grouped by asset type and

Examples of organizations benefitting from the use of IMBU:

Oil & Gas
Keeping track of hundreds of assets, of many different types, scattered
throughout a large area. IMBU transmitters are installed on a.o. well-head
pumps, turbines, reciprocating engines and gas compressors, other pumps and
diesel gensets.

Equipment rental & leasing:
IMBU is used to manage and measure performance based contracts, whereby
customer pays for asset performance. Examples are the lease of compressor-
and generator-sets.
IMBU guarantees that customer and supplier are basing their opinions on
commonly accessible, accurate and recent facts.

Please visit for information on how to get operational
parameters of your assets reported through IMBU.

Login using the following credentials to try out IMBU with demo data.
Email: [email protected]
Password: demo