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MScales will help music students, musicians, vocalist and music aficionados better understand the relationship between the Notes in each Scale of the Major Keys.

The app has two views, the first, the scale view displays, the notes in the scale of the selected key. In addition to displaying the notes in the scale, each note is referenced to Solfege Names. (“Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti Do” are technically called Solfege Names.) We learned to use them when we studied music in grade school. In addition, notes in the scale are referenced to numbers 1 through 7. The numbers are provided for counting and singing intervals. The solfege names and the numbers will help you work through and understand the notes in each scale.

The second view, the transpose view is useful for changing the notes in one Key for the notes in a different Key. For example transposing or converting the notes from the key of B flat to the key of C
. You may want to change the notes in a song to a different key because you want to match the song to the range of a singer or play the song in a key you, or maybe a friend accompanying you, prefers.

This is an ideal app for vocalists, instrumentalists, or anyone who enjoys music, and wants a better understand of one of the fundamentals of music theory.