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願榮耀歸給神! 哈利路亞~

必須跟各位說明改成黑底的原因...螢幕看見的白色其實是光源,光源越少越不刺眼也更省電! 黑色底雖然沒有原來白色美麗,但改成黑色可以看更久的聖經也不容易使眼睛痠痛。

● 聖經版本:繁體中文和合版。
● 雙語瀏覽:搭配簡體中文和合版、英文KJV、BBE。
● 五大功能:閱讀、搜尋、書籤、筆記、設定。
● 設定:字體大小、螢幕亮度、雙語瀏覽皆可調整。
● 使用簡易,功能簡易,單純閱讀使用。
● 獨創無需網路、無需下載、程式不佔空間、可單節及多節閱讀(非以章為單位閱讀)。
● 系統讀取經文快速,無延遲。
● 版面美觀,無累贅的設計。
● 自動捲動閱讀功能,可自由變速。
● 直接左右滑動螢幕即可更換章節。
● "每日經文猜猜"功能! 挑戰您對聖經的熟悉度。
● 對經文點兩下即可開啟功能列表,包含複製經文、分享經文等...。
● 修正大家努力幫忙回報的錯誤,在此感謝各位的提醒。


聖經詩篇 / Psalms 144:1

Glory to God! Now Simple Bible can read the Bible in Chinese!

Version 2.0 features:
● Bible version: Traditional Chinese He He Ban.
● Double Version Setting: Include He He Ban Simplified Chinese, KJV and BBE.
● Five Main Function: Reading, Search, Bookmark, Notes and Setting.
● Setting: Adjust fonts size, screen lighting, double version setting.
● Very easy to use and to read, simple but useful.
● One and only bible app that can read without internet connection, without more download, small size app fast download and can read single verse or verse to verse (Not reading chapter by chapter).
● Unique and fast system, no lagging.
● Beautiful UI design.
● Auto scrolling with adjustable speed.
● Change chapter by simply sliding your finger left or right.
● The “Where in the bible?” fun function, test your bible knowledge.
● Double click on any verse to open the function list, with functions like sharing verses, copy verses and so on….
● Fix verse error. Thank you all for your error report!

Psalms 144:1
Praise be to the God of my strength, teaching my hands the use of the sword, and my "fingers" the art of fighting.

Hope everyone can make good use of this app, and always read your Bible, use your "finger" to fight.