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CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad

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CogniFit is the ultimate brain training app.

Play different brain games to challenge your mind and train your cognitive skills like you never did before!

- "Sleek, fun and addictive games designed by neuroscientists" (CNN)
- "Pretty cool!" (NBC)
- "The best app to enhance mental power" (International Business Times)
- "CogniFit leaves you both smart and satisfied" (Free Apps Arcade)
- "Looking for an app to improve brain fitness? Look no more" (The iMums)
- "CogniFit Brain Fitness is a very cool game that makes you smarter" (appDigity)
- "This app is an excellent way to train cognitive skills for users of all ages and is wonderfully simple to use" (The iPhone App Review)
- "As far as brain training apps go, CogniFit Brain Fitness is a gem"(iPhoneGlance)

The CogniFit scientifically validated technology has been developed to provide you with an optimal and personalized brain fitness and is now available on your mobile!

- Train your brain on the go.
- Assess your brain and discover your cognitive and mental health.
- Get personalized results for key cognitive abilities such as your memory, concentration and attention.
- Train with the CogniFit patented personalized training or decide to play single games.

The iOS app is fully integrated with the CogniFit website. Every progress you make is fully synchronized and saved on both platforms!

If you are serious with your brain training, you should consider subscribing to CogniFit and get access to all of the training programs, brain games available and much more.
Subscribing will grant you full access to the mobile platform and the web platform of CogniFit.
You can decide to auto-renew your subscription either monthly ($19.99) or yearly ($189.99) and also cancel your subscription at any time.

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