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Pino 7 in 1

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Educational game for children 3 to 5 years old.

The main purpose of the game is that the child initially gets the basic knowledge, i.e. numbers, letters, words as well as comparison of the number of items with the help of his parents, and then independently. The game has three difficulty levels. After passing one difficulty level, the more complex one becomes available. The difficulty levels in the game differ in the number of questions to which the child must give the right answers.

«Pino 7 in 1» game consists of seven mini games:
1.«Test» – the game shows the child answers among which he has to choose the correct one.
2.«Colors» – the child must arrange the cubes in the corresponding color buckets.
3.«Where’s more?»
4.«Which letter is missing?» – the child must correctly make up the word, filling in the missing letters.
5.«Learning numbers» – the main character names the numbers.
6.«Learning letters» – Pino names the letters in alphabetical order.
7.«The Clock» – the child can rotate the clock’s arrow, but Pino says the set time.