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Yut Board

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This App and Yut Dice App connected by Bluetooth Technology.
It need Yut Dice App (iPhone) - It is free.

Korea's traditional 'Yut' Board Game a 'Yut' throwing the winning and competing with horses is fun.
Families gather in one place, and unity to help entertain the competition is a traditional play the game.
This game can play with all ages, and places that are largely independent of the play.

Default rule

'BackDo': -1 cell (When you start out, 'Do' is treated as)
'Do': +1 cell
'Gae': +2 cell
'Gul': +3 cell
'Yut': +4 cell (one more time 'Yut' can throw).
'Mo': +5 cell (one more time 'Yut' can throw).

Each team is given two Hoarse: (2-4 teams can determine).

'Yut' Horse, depending on the score by throwing 'Yut' and result.

As a rule of the road except a turning point moves in a one direction

When placed on the horse each turning point in the given direction changes the direction of Horse

If you have passed the final end with two horse, you win.

If your horse is on their own horse, your horses move both at the same time unless you get caught by enemy horses.

If own hoarse is caught by enemy horse in his position, own horse go back to a starting point and enemy horse have chance to throw 'Yut'.

One continuous 'Yut' and 'Mo' at one turn, but one can not repeat more than 4 times the turn.