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Widgit Discover: Victorians

  • Education
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Discover Victorians covers a range of classroom topics supporting learning with symbols and speech, targeted at students who have a learning disability or reading problems. Included are: Victorian Britain, Victorian Homes, Victorian Children, Education, Technology. Each topic comes with three different levels of detail so pupils of all abilities can learn together.

• Symbol Story – The full text with speech and Widgit Symbol support.
• Text Story – The full text with speech support.
• Easy Symbol Story – A simplified version with speech and Widgit Symbol support.

Each of the books also comes with vocabulary support to encourage conversation around the topics covered.

• Pictures to talk about – Spoken questions about the main topics covered to encourage discussion.
• Pictures with help – New vocabulary support with images and speech to support conversation and learning.
• Flashcards – Can be printed (air printer needed) or used on the device for vocabulary support.