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Sixty is a puzzle / strategy / thinking game in the same genre as Sudoku and KenKen. The goal is to clear the 60 tile game board by choosing combinations of numbers that when multiplied (x), added (+), or combined (&) together, amount to 60. Examples include: 5x12=60, 5+(5&5)=5+55=60, 8+9+11+12+4x5=60. The game automatically calculates all the possible combinations for you. It’s easy to learn, fun to play, but hard to master. Sixty is a great way for anyone to improve their math skills and exercise their brain.


The objective is to clear all the tiles from the game board, which is comprised of 60 tiles numbered from 1 to 12. Tiles are cleared when you take a trick by choosing numbers that amount to 60 when they are multiplied, added, or combined together. When a trick is taken, points are awarded. Your goal is to achieve a high score.


Survey the board and identify combinations of tiles which amount to 60. For example, if you see the tiles 10, 2 and 4 on the board, you realize that 10x(2+4)=60, so that combination will take a trick. Tap on the tiles to select them. Selected tiles are highlighted, and all possible outcomes for the selected tiles are automatically calculated and displayed in the Information pane.

A maximum of six tiles may be selected at any time. Continue choosing tiles until you either take a trick or realize your choices will not lead to a trick. You may undo a choice by tapping a selected tile. A maximum of 60 undos are allowed per game. If you take a trick, the selected tiles are cleared. After taking a trick, continue choosing tiles and taking tricks until you clear the board. If you cannot clear the board, tap the I Give Up button to advance to the next round.


Points are earned by taking tricks. The fewer tiles there are in a trick, the more points you earn.
A two tile trick (Example: 5x12=60) is worth 10 points (plus a bonus, explained below),
a three tile trick (Example: 5+(5&5)=5+55=60) is worth 9 points, and so on,
with a six tile trick (Example: 8+9+11+12+4x5=60) being worth 6 points.

Bonus points are awarded as follows:

* Trick points double if only a single operator is used in the trick. For example, 2x3x10=60 earns double points, but 10x(3+3)=60 does not. 5x12=60 earns double points, so it is worth 10 points for being a two tile trick, then doubled for only using a single operator, for a total of 20 points.
* Trick points triple if all the selected tiles are in a straight line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).
* A maximum of 60 points is possible for one trick (Example: 5x12=60, so two tiles = 10 points x 2 for using the same operator x 3 for being in a straight line = 60 points).
* If you clear all the tiles on the board when taking a trick, you earn 600 bonus points.

Points are deducted when tiles are abandoned by tapping the I Give Up button. For each abandoned tile remaining on the board, 10 points are deducted from your score.


There are 60 different rounds, each with a different combinations and ratios of numbers, so they become progressively more difficult. Each round has a number, name, description, difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Hard), and a formula. The game board is generated by randomizing tiles according to the formula for each round, so each round is different, and the total number of permutations is astronomical, so no two games are alike.

If you make it through the entire set of 60 rounds (an amazing feat, to be sure), game play continues, and the rounds will repeat. The 10 point deduction for each abandoned tile is multiplied by the set number, so one abandoned tile in round 61 (which is the first round in set 2) will deduct 20 points from your score.


The game ends when 60 or more tiles have been abandoned. The Information pane will display the round you reached, the number of abandoned tiles, the number of undone selections, and your final score.

Have fun!