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Welcome to your personal caddie app. This app will give you the ability to track your statistics for the round and to archive these for future comparisons so you can see what aspects of your game needs improvement.

This app requires you to enter the courses that you play. The course is archived for future use and is fully editable for changes in the future.

The app also requires you to enter the clubs that you will be using. These are setup in categories for you. You can add all the clubs that you normally would use and then select the 14 you are using for this round.

After you have completed the hole you can also enter the "Greens", "Fairway", "Sand" and "Putts" for that hole by depressing the box to toggle between "Y" and "N" and for 0 to 5 on the number of putts. When you have completed all the information for the hole you just depress the "Next Hole' button and you will be advanced to the next hole. If you need to review previous holes just depress the "Prev Hole" button and you will be takes back a hole at a time any information you change will be saved as the information for that hole.

While you are playing the hole, when you have determined the distance for you next shot you select the club that you would normally hit by moving the slider bar and the club's name will appear above the slider. You will then see displayed the average distance you hit that club and the adjusted distance that takes into effect the temperature, wind speed and direction. This will give you the ability to change your club selection based on the environmental conditions.

You also have the ability to start a distance calculation by depressing the "Start Distance" button this will activate the location GPS feature on your phone. You will be asked to allow the app to use your location, you must answer "allow" if you desire this feature. Select the club you are going to use with the slide and then depress the start button wait until you get the current GPS information with "Stopped" at the end, the number in parenthesis is the accuracy level if the level is greater than 10 then your accuracy is not good enough for calculation so ignore this calculation. If the accuracy is good than when you have reached your ball depress the "Stop Distance" button and when then GPS calculation is complete you are given the distance you hit the club. If the yardage seems accurate then depress the "Post" button and that yardage is saved for future reference. Remember that the GPS information can be somewhat inaccurate and is usually only accurate to about plus or minus 5 yards.

When you have completed the 18 holes you will be taken back to the "Play" menu. At this point you can depress the "Round Statistics" button and you will be shown the last 50 rounds that you have played, you can select the current round, this is the last round shown and then depress the display button, this will show you your statistics for your current round. At this point you can also depress the "Email" button in the upper corner and this will format an e-mail that you can send to the pro shop for posting or to your self for posting to your handicap system.

You should also "Review the Current Club Yardages" This will list all of the yardages that you posted during the round. at this time review the yardages and delete (swipe the club yardage) the ones that may be irrelevant. Then you can post these rounds to the club statistics database for future reference.