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iMindsetmax LITE

iPhone / iPad
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iMindsetmax LITE – introduces Mindset Learn for Sound Mental Health psychology today

1. CHANGE – introduces mindset CHANGE psychology today
2. FOCUS – introduces FOCUS mindset for Sound Mental Health
3. PROGRESS – introduces PROGRESS tools for Mindset Learn

Supported languages: English
Supported devices: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

iMindsetmax LITE contains:

- 10 sections explaining the required Mindset theory
- 1 technique to STOP your FEAR

Mindset theory
Have you ever wanted to step up and be the success you feel inside – or just wanted to achieve the goals you’ve defined – or wanted to live life on your terms ?

All you need to do is change your thinking and gain a more global attitude, and MINDSETMAX™ is here to help you with boosting Sound Mental Health.

The iMindsetmax LITE app can be used to Sound Mental Health using different aspects of psychology today. Each theory will contribute techniques that start the Mindset Learn.

MINDSETMAX™ technology gives you psychology today via insight and awareness about your own thinking and behavioral patterns. This enhances Sound Mental Health via Mindset Learn, Growth Mindset and Global Mindset so you may communicate, co-exist and co-operate with other people in a better way.

MINDSETMAX™ technology — releases the power to build your destiny via Sound Mental Health psychology today using ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) NLP techniques, Enneagram Types, Enneagram Personality Test, Self Hypnosis etc.

Grow your mind. Grow your life!

MINDSETMAX™ technology is a proven concept, with experience from the telecommunications sector, the financial sector (banks & pension funds), newspaper business etc. and has already excited many people.

The MINDSETMAX™ technology was founded by John Rhodes, Growth Mindset Trainer, Building Excellence Trainer and former President of the Danish NLP Association.

This app, being a self study, is NOT a substitute for participating and interacting with other people in a Growth Mindset course physically supervised by at least a certified Mindset Trainer. This app is intended to assist the Mindset student before, during and after becoming certified as a Mindset Practitioner, Mindset Master etc.
Striving for excellence in any field, requires hours, months or even years of practical real life application after the education – ie. being Mindset certified – has ended. This app therefore does NOT in any way, certify you to setup a practice using Mindset theory or Mindset Techniques on other people.
The content of this app is for information purposes only. Any information presented does NOT substitute professional medical or therapeutic diagnosis or treatment - including under serious life threatening conditions. Please always take responsibility for your health and if necessary consult with your doctor, health practitioner or therapist in case of any diagnostics or treatment concerning physical or mental health. You may also ask if their work follows and is based on the biological natural laws.
Metamedicine / Meta-Health theory is optimally applied in cooperation with your doctor, health practitioner or therapist - and when there is plenty of time ie. months or even years to treat you before any critical condition arises.