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Topography Netherlands Professional

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Learn the states, capitals, waters, islands and famous cities by province in the Netherlands.

There are several learning methods, presented in different ways.
Learn by games, video's and instructions in a funny way!

* Names of cities, waters, etc. provinces are appointed by Dex (interactive helper).
* Dex accompanied the child in this app and tells exactly what everything is, what to do... etc.
* Funny ways to learn: with flags, making train tracks, blind designate colored surfaces, linked notes and more.
* Films are shown of known activities, sites or objects by province.
* Rivers and waters are stained indicated for easy identification, and to where that particular water is running.
* The order that the child has made is shown in colored arrows.
* There are points to be earned in some commands, with enough points and stars, the child can play a game to encourage!
* There are also links to wikipedia of each province, good for work at school!

* Topography of the Netherlands was never so good to learn in many different and funny ways!