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Learn Japanese Numbers, Fast! (for trips to Japan 日本の数字)

iPhone / iPad
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  • Education
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"Best i've seen! keep up the amazing work ありがとございます"

- Major release, numbers now up to ~1 Million
- Better handling of special numbers and all new audio.

• Learn Japanese Numbers: Is a great tool, on the go reference and study guide for learning Japanese numbers. Japanese Numbers Guide provides full Japanese audio pronunciation and a mini game to help you improve your Japanese number skills quickly. Go out shopping and buy things with ease on your next visit to Japan!

• User Reviews
"It works! In about half an hour I had learnt to recognise basic numbers and how to say them up into the thousands. Very impressive and a good learning progression using different response modes. Highly recommended."

"With this app the Japanese system is really simple. Took me about 10 minutes to understand it. thanks!"

"Simply amazing! Really useful to learn japanese numbers, helped me a lot!"

"Easy breezy Nice and straight forward. Was relatively simple to learn. Thanks!"

"Great It helped me learn my numbers fairly quickly"

"Nice easy way to learn the basics very quickly."

"Great Helps me to practise numbers reading"

"Great app Does what it says it does. I like it."

"It's very useful and I love it. Never deleting."

• Summary
Your Essential Pocket Guide to Japanese Numbers, Numerals and Counting: Travel, shop with ease and have fun on your next Adventures! plus much more to come.

• Family Sharing
With iOS-8 you can now share this app with other family members at no additional cost. We openly embrace new features as family sharing and the latest devices to ensure you get the most out of our apps.

• Universal App
We don't like device specific versions and neither should you. A single download lets you install the app on all your iPhones, iPads and iPod touches with no additional purchases required.

• Global Reach
Arabic: تعلم الأرقام اليابانية
Bulgarian: Научете японски числа
Catalan: Aprendre japonès números
Chinese Simplified: 日本数字学习
Chinese Traditional: 日本數位學習
Czech: Učit japonský čísel
Danish: Lære japansk numre
Dutch: Leer Japanse nummers
English: Learn Japanese Numbers
Estonian: Õpi Jaapani numbrid
Finnish: Oppia Japanin numerot
French: Apprendre les chiffres japonais
German: Japanische Zahlen lernen
Greek: Μάθετε ιαπωνική αριθμούς
Haitian Creole: Aprann anpil Japonè
Hebrew: ללמוד מספרים ביפנית
Hmong Daw: Kawm zauv Japanese
Hungarian: Tanulni japán számok
Indonesian: Mempelajari angka Jepang
Italian: Imparare i numeri giapponesi
Japanese: 日本語の数字を学ぶ
Korean: 일본 숫자를 배울
Latvian: Uzziniet japāņu numurus
Lithuanian: Sužinokite skaičiai/japonų kalba
Malay: Belajar nombor Jepun
Maltese: Tgħallem numri Ġappuniż
Norwegian: Lær japansk tall
Persian: یادگیری اعداد ژاپنی
Polish: Dowiedz się japoński numery
Portuguese: Aprender números japoneses
Romanian: Afla numerele de japoneză
Russian: Узнайте, японские цифры
Slovak: Naučte sa japonskej čísla
Slovenian: Želite izvedeti japonski številke
Spanish: Aprende japonés números
Swedish: Lär dig japanska nummer
Thai: เรียนรู้เลขภาษาญี่ปุ่น
Turkish: Japon numaralarını öğrenin
Ukrainian: Дізнатися японських цифри
Urdu: جاپانی نمبروں کے متعلق جانیں
Vietnamese: Tìm hiểu Nhật bản số
Welsh: Ddysgu rhifau Japan