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Monster! What Color is It? Take a Quiz!

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I always liked drawing monsters. Some of them were funny, some looked strange, but they all were black-and-white. Can I draw an amaranth monster? An azure monster? I didn't ask myself this question. Once I browsed the Wikipedia and stumbled upon an article with a list of color names. It was huge. No way one person could memorize it, unless she/he has a very good reason to. I wasn't going to learn them either, but I decided to create an app about colors - about colors and about monsters - where you can check your knowledge of colors in a quiz format. Well, it worked. My "color vocabulary" definitely grew but the app wasn't good enough to be an addicting fun. And then I was struck with an idea of adding names of colors in different languages. There are 7 of them (besides English, of course), and there is a separate progress in each language as well as the total player's level. New monsters are open when the total level reaches the specific goal.

So, do you think you know a lot of colors? Quiz yourself! Answer questions, open unique monsters, learn colors, learn languages. There are more colors than in any other quiz (200+)!

Colorful monsters born in my minds
Await you: of all shapes and kinds.
I drew them one horrible night
Under the candle's shimmering light,
But I didn't expect them to change
Their colors so quickly. So strange.

What color is it and what hue?
Is it red? Is it green? Is it blue?
Is it yellow, gray, or maroon?
The color of sky or the moon?
The color of gold or of grass?
The color of corn or of brass?

I'm surrounded, I'm confused:
It's not situation I used
To find myself; and they speak
Different languages. I'm so weak:
Please help me and take the quiz!
Name all colors with ease.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs, Signore e Signori, Señoras y Señores, Senhoras e Senhores, Девочки и Мальчики, Пані та панове!
Welcome! Welcome.

"What Color is This Monster?" is an educational game with 18 hidden monsters. The better you play, the more monsters will join you. Open them all! More cute and ugly monsters are coming in future updates.

Excel in each language (including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian) to gain a higher overall level. Learn the names of 200+ colors in these 8 languages.