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inGameStats - Basketball

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inGameStats - Basketball is the best solution to track your basketball team stats.

Finalist in the TAB Innovation Awards in the category of best sport app:

inGameStats is a complete app which will allow you to take stats from all the teams you want. Team level doesn't matter, you can use it from your children's team to a professional team. inGameStats allows to take stats in an attractive, simple, and intuitive way.


inGameStats is available in english, spanish and french, and in future releases will add support for more languages.

Illimited teams
You can take statistics from all the teams you would like to and also edit their players anytime you want.

Track your team only
With inGameStats you have the option of taking stats from just one of the teams or from the two teams of the game, because you don't always care about the other team's stats.

Complete stats
You will be able to record all the different stats that a basketball player can do on the court and check them anytime, during the game or when the game has ended.

Shooting charts
Each time a player takes a shot, you can place that shot on the court, and the app will show you detailed shooting charts by player and by team, including failed shots and made shots.

inGameStats has a whiteboard which is always available, allowing you to explain the next movement to your players or drawing exercises during practice time.

PDF Stats
In addition to storing you stats in the app, you will be able to export them to a PDF file, and save them in iBooks, send them by email, print them or open them with any installed app in your iPad that can read PDF files.

Play by play
While you'll be taking stats, you will always have available a list with all the plays of the game, where you can also delete actions in case of a mistake while taking them.

"Quick game" mode
Sometimes you may not be interested in taking stats from a specific team; for those occasions you have the "Quick game" mode, where the app will create the teams for you and in a second you'll be taking stats without spending time configuring the game.

Perfect for practices
There are occasions such as practices or informal games when you want to take stats but don't need game clock; inGameStats gives you the option of not using clock, so you can take stats for as long as you would like to without depending on the clock.

The app has a complete help on each screen to help you in case you have doubts about how it works.