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Teaching with ICT

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Teaching with ICT

These are essential tutorials and PDFs to support teaching with iPad in the classroom.

Totalling just over an hour the videos will take you through:

Essential Settings, Book Creator, Showbie, Pages, Explain Everything, Puppet Pals and iFiles

This first volume of tutorials cover a lot of essential detail for teaching with iPad in the classroom.

Each tutorial contains screen annotations and where needed, live iPad screen captures to show exactly what is being done at each stage.

Use these tutorials working at your own pace, to successfully use your iPad confidently in class.

The tutorials cover:

1 General settings
basic iPad navigation
connecting to a wifi network
naming your iPad
introduction to the camera for taking stills and recording videos

2 Book Creator
The most intuitive ePub creation tool on the iPad for creating ePubs with great multimedia content
Creating and combining books
Viewing books in iBooks
Sharing books through Showbie
Adding media, photos, videos, audio and text

3 Showbie
The essential free application for managing paperless workflows in your class.
How to create accounts
Setting up classes and sharing class codes
Setting assignments and sharing documents
Giving Feedback

4 Pages
Creating and naming documents
Adding text and media
Sharing documents through Showbie

5 Explain Everything
Using Explain Everything as an interactive white board / smart board
Import and crop image files
Recording audio
Exporting movie files to the camera roll
Handing in movie files to Showbie

6 Puppet Pals
Digital Storytelling
Animating images and recording audio
Creating and using your own images and backgrounds
Saving and exporting movie files
Importing movies into Book Creator
Handing in movies to Showbie

7 iFiles
Using BlueTooth to share files in class
Switching on BlueTooth
Naming iPads
Sharing text files
Sharing ePub files created in Book Creator

PDF Documents. These are supporting files for successfully implementing iPad in the classroom. The PDFs can be viewed in the app or use the action arrow and 'Open In' another application, for example Mail, Showbie, Dropbox for sharing. There is no restriction on sharing the PDF files.

The PDF documents cover:

1 Wireless Mirroring with Apple TV.
The connections for HDMI and VGA to projectors and screens
Kanex Adaptor for connection to VGA, including audio connection via 3.5mm socket
Wireless and Ethernet connection
Passwords for Apple TV
Accessing wireless mirroring settings in the multitasking bar
Switching on wireless mirroring

2 Wireless Mirroring with Reflector
Download and install Reflector
Accessing wireless mirroring settings in the multitasking bar
Switching on wireless mirroring

3 Core apps for Classroom