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Meow Meow Concert

iPhone / iPad
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What is Meow Meow Concert?

This is a game to improve your sense of sound with fun.
This game is enjoyable for both kids and adults.

It is often said that people who have learned musical instruments since they were young have "sense of sound".
This "sense of sound" is an ability to recognize pitch of sound without using any music instruments.
It is believed that under 5 years old kids can easily obtain this kind of sense by training.
However, adult people can also obtain the sense to some degree with effort.

If you think you have no sense of sound or you already gave up training,
you can improve your sense of sound with Meow Meow Concert!

This game can be recommended for:
- Kids under 5 years old as a toy.
- Those who want to improve karaoke skill.
- Those who want to be able to play the piano even just a little.
- Those who want to imitate music just by hearing it.
- Those who have learned musical instruments in the past.
- Musicians as training.
- Those who love cats very very much.

How to play
- Lesson Mode
Strike a key that makes the same sound as the cat does.
The gauge goes up if your answer is correct.
You will clear a stage when the gauge gets full.

As the gauge goes up, the cat react in several ways like
making a happy face, getting bigger, changing its appearance, etc.

There are 3 levels and each level has 10 stages.
Therefore, you can have training at the level suitable for you!

Easy : One key is struck.
Normal : Two keys are struck.
Hard : One to five keys are struck.

-Quiz Mode
Tell the difference by hearing the sound made by two cute cats

Which sound has the higher pitch?
How many keys are struck to make sound?

How many correct answers can you make?

-Challenge Mode
You can compete with people from around the world

The gauge goes up if you strike a correct key and
it goes down if you strike an incorrect key.
When the gauge goes down to zero, the game is over.
If you make correct answers consecutively, you get combo bonus!.

Show your training results and get high ranking!

-Extra Mode
You can play the piano as you like
You can turn the piano tones into other musical instrument tones

Something may happen to the keyboard!?