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Breathing Through a Contraction

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This App has been adapted from the two previous apps Yoga For Pregnancy and Preparing for Birth especially for ladies who don’t envisage themselves using yoga during their pregnancy.

Connecting To Baby

This is a short relaxation allowing you the time to connect with your baby. Taking a few minutes with your baby can be beneficial for you both.

Breathing through a contraction

Breathing through a contraction demonstrates the breathing technique that we learn in class. This breath has been very successful for lots of the ladies who come to the classes. They say it is really does help them focus on the breath and remain calm through each contraction. The chapter also shows a sighing breath, which is fabulous to release any tension that may have been acquired during the contraction.

Cloud relaxation

This relaxation helps you relax your whole body and then encourages you to imagine you are lying on a cloud and floating through the air. Floating is very relaxing and whilst your mind is floating, it means it is not so easy for adrenaline to come into your body. Enjoy.


When all else fails, it is a good idea to simply laugh. Laughing releases tension and therefore is really beneficial. This clip was left in the Preparing for Birth app because laughing is so good for you, and for that reason I decided to keep it in the app and share it again on this app. I hope you enjoy it.

Text pages

Breathing through a contraction

Explains in more detail how using the breath can make it easier for you to cope with your contractions

Quote from Jenni who attended my classes and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy:

“All I can say is that if you could bottle that shooing breath and sell it, you'd be a millionaire!!! I wish you could have seen just how well it worked!”


This is a list of examples of positive statements. You can use any of these or you can choose one of your own. Using mantras can be very beneficial.

Tips for Birth:

In class we substitute the word labour for the word journey. We picture our labour as a journey and at the end of the journey you are meeting and holding your baby in your arms. In the text are some tips to help you on your special journey.