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Formogen: FAA DAR

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Category: Productivity


Formogen is a complete forms management solution for the FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR). It contains all of the forms you need to conduct inspections. No more shuffling around paper forms. Create forms, fill them in, store them, print them, sign them and email them – all on your iPad.

Designed under the guidance of a working DAR, Formogen streamlines your workload by allowing you to generate and complete any forms you need as you conduct your inspection.

Need a form? Touch a button.
Tired of typing? Dictate your forms using all the power of Apple's speech-to-text technology. Common entries such as your Name, Title, Office and Designee Number can be filled in automatically.
Need to sign your forms electronically? Formogen is completely compatible with Google's DocuSign, as well as other secure signature services.
Want to submit your forms securely? Formogen supports all the encrypted email technologies available on your iPad.
Extra documents to associate with your forms? Formogen enables you to create folders containing forms, email attachments, photos, labels, notes, and more.

Included forms

Operating Limitations for Special Flight Permit
8100-1 Conformity Inspection Record
8100-2 Standard Airworthiness Certificate
8130-1 Certificate of Airworthiness
8130-13 Designee Geographic Expansion Authorization
8130-4 Export Certificate of Airworthiness
8130-6 Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate
8130-7 Special Airworthiness Certificate
9610-2 Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application
8900.1 Aircraft Configuration Control Document
DAR-T: Geographic Expansion Request

Key Features

Complete all forms directly on your iPad
Create and store as many forms as you need
Make folders for forms and related documents
Search forms by name or content
Add pages as needed to Conformity Inspection Record, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application, Photo Albums and Notes
Store commonly used forms as templates
Print and email entire forms
Print form contents to pre-printed forms