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Touch Lua +

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Program with Lua, a simple and modern programming language. Lua’s syntax is simple as BASIC but Lua is faster and more powerful. Which make it just perfect for iPhone platform.
*** This is the iPad version of TouchLua Free App ***

What is Lua?
Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language.

Touch Lua + Features:
+ Two modes: program/console (command line)
+ Built in help: Tutorials (hands on), Wiki, Reference
+ Multi program
+ Powerful editor
+ Syntax highlighting
+ Support graphics, audio, and database through Extension Libraries (paid and free)
+ Sample programs provided

Use Touch Lua +:
+ Learn programming
+ Learn modern scripting
+ Apply your programming skills
+ Rapid prototyping
+ Use it as advanced calculator

Available through In-App Purchase:
Draw Library: Empowers you to create complex graphics from simple graphic objects
+ Draw simple graphic objects: lines, rectangles, circles, text, ...
+ Draw at the super speed of your device
+ Make animations
+ Define your colors with alpha channel (32bit color with transparency)
+ Select your drawn text font face and size
+ Enables you to run included Graphic Sample Programs

Audio Library: enables to play music and sound effects.
+ Play one music track at once
+ Play multiple sound effects synchronously
+ Create and play your own sounds and save them as files

Turtle Library
Logo like graphic commands designed to encourage logical thinking
Examples are provided for absolute Beginners

TouchLua+ includes other free libraries
+ Lua File System
+ Lua Database
+ Lua Matrix

To start learning Lua choose Console from main menu then select Tutorials (first aid kit icon). Now read & apply and you will learn Lua basic’s in no time!

Kindly Note: Touch Lua uses Lua 5.2 standard, so if you hit into undefined function see the alternative for it from the reference. some examples: unpack() now is table.unpack(), loadstring() is now load()

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