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DumaSense Dictionary

iPhone / iPad
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DumaSense is a translation dictionary App, developed by Global View with the experience designing both Wenquxing Dictionary and Hot Tech Electronic Dictionaries.
DumaSense is suitable for students, office workers, backpackers, every English and Chinese learners.

# Abundant online and offline materials
> Dictionary, rich in content. User could find US/UK phonetic notation, Chinese definitions, examples, and inflections of the English entry words; entering Chinese character to get English definitions. DumaSense provides English pronunciation, syllable pronunciation, example sentence pronunciation, WordNet Dictionary, 4PixTalk and other abundant content online. User could also download voice database to find pronunciation of high frequency words offline.
> Wordlist, convenient cloud backup. As soon as the wordlist was uploaded, user could download, manage, memorize and share wordlists in DumaCard App.
> Settings, user-friendly options. User could use language settings to select target language, 中文(繁體), 中文(简体), English(繁體), English(简体), to choose simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, or English interface.
> More, multiple applications. Providing links to startup diverse applications.

# Authoritative and authentic language learning
> Word Pronunciation, authentic and accurate. Pronunciation is recorded by specialists, which is authentic and natural.
> Authoritative Syllable Pronunciation. Words are divided into several syllables that user could pronounce a word naturally.

# Experience no boundaries in applications
> WordNet, beyond your imagination. Based on word sense, WordNet Dictionary provides precise English definition, concise Chinese translation, abundant examples, synonyms and antonyms.
> Classical Exam Examples. Data in Exam examples are from several entrance examinations, such as Basic Competence Test, General Scholastic Ability Test, Advanced Subjects Test, and TVE Joint College Entrance Examination databases over the years, which is a significant reference for senior high and college entrance examinations.

# Fun, creative and informative
> 4PixTalk, original photo strips and contexts. To give user a deeper impression while learning, 4PixTalk contains pictures, along with both Chinese and English examples that would go with the word user is searching for. Without matching word, 4PixPopup would randomly select for users.