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BuzzBoard is a powerful cloud-based sales enablement platform developed specifically to transform the way enterprise sales teams sell to SMBs; the BuzzBoard App turns any iPad into essential equipment for anyone selling to SMBs.

In the SMB sales industry, BuzzBoard is not just a thought leader—it’s redefining the ‘sales enablement’ category to streamline the sales process, replacing a disjointed, fragmented set of selling tools with one elegant, unified solution.

For sellers, BuzzBoard is the ultimate support team: a single source for lead discovery, insights, account planning, research, preparation, competitive analysis, presentations, proposal generation, closing and onboarding.

BuzzBoard’s modular design features four essential steps in the sales journey.

1. Discover:
BuzzBoard identifies potential sales opportunities. Discover these opportunities based on location, vertical, keyword, social segmentation or product criteria. Next, BuzzBoard turns hours of research into minutes, providing comprehensive insights into the prospect’s business including what their customers and the market is saying about them, as well as key demographic and industry data specific to the prospects market sector.

2. Engage:
When it’s time to engage, BuzzBoard surfaces compelling talking points that start conversations based on real data from the prospects digital footprint, social conversations, real-time competitor metrics, paid advertising campaigns on various media platforms, co-op advertising availability and ROI analysis based on a comprehensive set of key business and marketplace signals.

3. Close:
Closing deals have never been easier. BuzzBoard makes proposal and presentation creation quick, easy and transparent. Buyers can easily see how recommendations correspond to the data analysis shared. With a tap of the finger, BuzzBoard creates clear, straightforward customized presentations and proposals within seconds of discussion and prospect agreement.

4. Onboard:
Onboarding customer orders is just as essential as closing the deal. BuzzBoard helps manage captured accounts, knowing what buyers have bought and facilitating the successful fulfillment and onboarding of those orders. Key fulfillment assets such as contact information, graphics, images, logos, business hours and other descriptive text are automatically collected and stored within BuzzBoard helping increase productivity in provisoning customer orders.

BuzzBoard syncs seamlessly with most API based CRM platforms and is also available in Salesforce Appexchange as a native app.