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Volatility Analyzer Pro

iPhone / iPad
  • Finance
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Take the guessing out of buying stocks with our historical volatility analysis app.

A stocks past performance can now become a vital part in your decision making. Stock wins, losses, holds and no buys are instantly calculated by purchasing the same stock every day for two years. The daily stock buy price is derived from the previous days High-Low-Close average or the day’s opening price. Stocks not purchased are classified as “No Buys”, stocks not sold within a 5 or 10 day period are “Holds”, stocks sold at the Sell price are “Wins” and stocks sold at the Stop Loss price are “Losses” and all shown as a period percentage. Additionally, the historical “Target Gain”, Volatility, Loss Ratio and daily/monthly Profit is displayed for each period.
Present probabilities are calculated for Last Price, Buy Price, Sell Price and Stop Loss Price. The trend strength and direction are calculated using the ADX and RSI indicators. Other calculation include maximum achievable gain and the minimum Stop price to avoid a loss.
Tweaking the transaction prices (pro version only) can manipulate a poor performing stock into a favorable stock by offsetting the gain or stop loss. For instance, a high “No Buy” percentages requires higher Buy Price. A high “Hold” percentage requires a lower “Target Gain”. High “Loss” percentages require a lower Stop Loss Price. The historic period percentages for Gain, Wins, Losses, Holds and No Buys provide valuable insight into a stock’s performance. Unique buy-sell patterns are often found over a two year period. This type of experimentation can prove to be rewarding and profitable. The red- yellow-green color coding turns this process into a snap!
You will be able gauge tomorrows stock purchase with confidence knowing the historical gains, wins, losses, stops, no buys, holds, loss ratios, volatility and monetary performance. Remember the old adage for a person that knows little about something, "What's obvious is obviously wrong." Not to make the same mistake, use Stock Volatility Analyzer as your first line of defense, a decision you will never regret!

2 year look back
Period percentage for Gain, Wins, Losses, Holds and No Buys The actual dollar Profit/Loss
“What If” analysis
Prediction based on past performance
Buy-Sell color coded results