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Parama Math 1 – First grade elementary math

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- This app will teach your child first grade elementary math!

Parama Math 1 takes a fresh and comprehensive approach to first grade elementary level math. This dynamic app is designed as an educational tool for use in a elementary school environment or even by parents at home. Whether used as a tool in the classroom or purchased by parents for home use- this app is designed to help boost the child’s confidence and expand his/her mathematical foundation and knowledge.

Parama Math 1 takes the child to an imaginary abandoned amusement park. The mission is to restore the park and the people in it– and by doing so; the child tackles math tasks and solves problems. By working to restore the amusement park, the child is experiencing a fun game while touching on 60 practice areas.

Good news for readers and non-readers alike! This app has both speech and text to make it easier for the children who have not yet learned to read.

For the reader and non-reader, the learning experience includes:
• Number sense
• Understanding number operations
• Pre-Algebra
• Geometry
• Probability & Statistics
• Making connections & understanding change
• Problem solving

Parama Math 1 was developed with the following principles:
• Utilize scientific educational research
• Stimulate mathematical learning
• Ensure the child has fun & a positive experience with Math
• Provide an environment that adapts to the child’s developmental level
• Formative assessment (i.e. the child needs to know at all times which areas need more practice)

Ms. Doris Lindberg is part of the development team and the math teacher behind the application. Doris has been working for over 30 years with students and teachers alike encouraging, demonstrating, teaching, sharing and de-mystifying the learning of mathematics. She has lectured all over the world, from Europe, to China, and to the United States. She has received the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Pedagogical Prize in Mathematics. A prestigious honor awarded by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; the same Academy that gives out the world renowned Nobel Prize.

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