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Warning: These are NOT your normal emoticons.. These are Karmies!

Karmie = 'clickable' emoticon

What do Karmies do? A LOT!!

Karmies now has TWO features making them FUN and USEFUL.

1. SECRET EMOJI Karmies- send hidden text and pictures, make them self destruct
2. * NEW! Mini-App KARMIES - turns your karmies keyboard into a local searchable directory with categories food/drink, events, retail/services. Click on MiniApp Karmies to reveal maps, directions, specials, calendar requests, and more.
*MiniApp feature is currently applicable for Denver, Colorado USA residents only. We will be rolling it out in other cities soon!

We know this is brand new stuff and are currently working on a fun tutorial for new users. In the meantime, PLEASE NOTE INSTRUCTIONS for using both Secret Emoji and MiniApps.

Secret Emoji Karmies:
You can attach hidden pictures and text messages to emoticons before sending to your friends. You know there is a secret when you see the emoji GLOW.

Using Secret Emoji Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Add your favorite emoji from the 'emoji' category to your message using the Karmies Keyboard
2. BEFORE YOU HIT SEND (!!!) TAP THE EMOJI to add secret pic/text. (clue: hit the bomb if you want the secret pic to self destruct)
3. Finish your normal message and hit send like normal

The Karmie recipient can view the hidden photo by tapping on the emoji in the sent message .
* If you hit the self-destruct bomb, then your friend will see your secret image and text EXPLODE after ten seconds!!

2. NEW!! Mini-app Karmies:

Mini-App Karmies have information inside just like a normal application and shareable with your friends. When you click on a MiniApp Karmie you will see all kinds of useful information like maps, directions, specials, links and more!

You will see 2 kinds of MiniApp Karmies:

Search - These are generic icons like the hamburger. Click on the hamburger to see locations near you to find one.

Business/Logo - These karmies are specific to a business. Gain in-depth information and stay updated on your favorite businesses


Actiivate MiniApp BEFORE you send the message while it still resides in message creation area - that place with the cursor :-))

Map feature:
*Tap on the locations to see address appear on top of the screen.
*Get immediate directions by tapping the map icon in upper right hand corner

Want to ask a friend to join you?
*To add a specific location tap it on the map and hit "OK"
(you will see a pin under the sent message)

Want to specify a time/date for you both to meet?
*Add the location. Tap on the calendar icon and Clock icon, then tap 'OK'
(you will see a location pin icon and a question mark indicating an appointment request is pending)

To answer a calendar request: Tap on the karmie with the question mark under it in the message.

Tap on the RED X to decline invite.
Tap on the GREEN checkmark to accept. Both parties now have the option to add event to their calendar.

*Both parties can change their mind and decline the appointment later. This will remove the appointment from your calendar.

Click on the button below the map for cool articles, specials, updates, and more!

ICONS at the bottom of the screen are cool links too! Click on them to explore far out awesome places!

Thanks for downloading Karmies - we hope you enjoy using it as much as we did making it! Stay tuned for even more fun features.

Please contact us directly with feedback at: