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Legs, Thighs & Butt: Women's Home Workout Series

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Want sexy, sculpted legs and a rounder butt? This app is for you.

* Simple, effective & fun.
* 7 warm ups. 41 exercises. 7 full-round workouts.
* Everything can be done at home using minimal or no equipment.

Exercise training videos include:

* Step Up Side Kick
* Burpees
* X Squats
* Single Leg Squat to Seesaw
* Deadlifts
* Marching Hip Raise
* Criss Cross Toe Touches
* Squat to T-Pose
* Lunge to High Knee
* Squat Twist
* Second Position (Plie Squats)
* Supermans
* Side Squat to High Knee
* Lunge to Kick
* Corkscrew Squat
* Toe Touch Crunches
* Squat to Alternating Lunge
* Hip Extensions
* Double Chop Knee Pulls
* Roundhouse Kicks
* Seesaws
* Single Leg Squat
* Squat
* Hydrant Extension Pulse
* Jump Lunge
* Side Lunge foot to knee
* Squat Pulses
* Side Lunge Extension
* Abductor & Adductor Leg Lifts
* Jump Squats
* Side Lunge
* Deep Squats
* Lunges
* Single Leg Bridge
* Scissor Kicks
* Deep Squat to front kick
* Reverse Plank Kicks
* Good Mornings
* Deep Squat Pulses
* Reverse Curls
* Plank

Warm up exercise videos include:

* Step Up Kick Back
* Jumping Jacks
* Wide Leg March
* Stutter Step Pulls
* Tap Jacks
* Mountain Climbers
* Tuck Jumps

7 full-round workout videos!

Your legs, thighs and butt will feel fantastic. Enjoy and keep up on the workouts!


If you were to have private training with Shannon for the content included in this app, it would cost you well over $500.

About Shannon Ashley

Fitness and nutrition define Shannon. Exercise has always been prevalent in her life. She found her true passion at a very early age, and she loves to share her energy and love for motivating others in achieving their personal fitness goals.

With a background in gymnastics, acrobatics, bodybuilding, and with a NFPT personal training certification, Shannon has created workouts that are a unique blend of cardio and resistance training exercises that can be performed safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home.

Shannon enjoys creating high-energy routines that make working out fun and interesting.