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Subtract Eggs

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Subtract Eggs app can help kids to know how to borrow when subtracting , this app use hatch out ducks to help kids understand subtraction.

For example: 82-27 =?
you can follow the steps to do subtraction by regrouping:
1. 2 is less than 7, so we need to regroup 1 ten as 10 ones, drag 1 ten to ones’ blue box.
2. After regroup, there are 7 tens and 12 ones.
3. Drag the eggs to the marked place to hatch out 7 ducks
4. Drag the 2 tens eggs to the marked place to hatch out 20 ducks
5. Check the remaining number of eggs, enter the answer, press the green check button, check the answers

There are 90 questions and 3 levels in this app:
1 star level : subtraction that don't need regrouping
2 stars level: 2 digits minus 1 digit and need regrouping
3 stars level: 2 digits minus 2 digits and need regrouping

This app can help children to learn subtraction more easy and have more fun!

If you are interested in this app, you can watch the following video:

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