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DuoSpeak Norwegian: Interactive Conversations - learn to speak a language - vocabulary lessons and audio phrases for travel, school, business and speaking fluently

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Education
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▶ Learn a new Language Fast with DuoSpeak.
▶ Start speaking now simple and fun conversations with native speakers.
▶ In just 10 short days you will speak with confidence in everyday situations.
▶ It's fun, easy, and scientifically proven.

Using DuoSpeak language apps you'll rapidly almost unconsciously learn how to:

▶ order at a restaurant without needing anyone to translate
▶ tell someone you loved them
▶ ask for or give directions
▶ talk about yourself, what you want, what you need, and what you dream of
▶ rent a car, travel without a guide

“DuoSpeak's lessons first focus on building basic conversational skills. They set off immersive dialogues. As a linguistics enthusiast, I particularly enjoyed the little and fun conversations.“


1.Always learn sentences, not just individual words
Sentences are easy to remember, because you can understand them, they describe an image, they tell a story. And it is faster!

2.Listen carefully as the native speaker frames some words, accentuating them, giving them more volume, speed or tone.
In DuoSpeak you can use the Slow-Motion Speech function to really understand how a word or phrase is pronounced.

3. Use PROFESSIONAL materials
All recordings that you will listen are created by native professionals.

4. Record your own voice
Studies have shown that listening to your own voice is the best way to accelerate the learning process.
In DuoSpeak you can record your pronunciation phrase by phrase. Then use the PlayAll function to listen to all recordings alongside the native speakers recordings.

▶ Simply listen to each lesson, record your voice and learn.
▶ Native speakers will guide you step by step.
▶ In just 10 days you'll be amazed as you gain conversational skill in your new language in shockingly little time.

About us
BuniSoft is a studio that makes educational apps for all ages. We believe playing and having fun is the best way to learn. Therefore we make apps and games that help stimulate the imagination.