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This free version of the Golf Wind Calculator computes an effective shot distance and an aiming target left or right that is adjusted for wind direction, wind speed, and shot distance. Simply rotate the wind direction arrow so that it points in the direction of the wind, update the wind speed and shot distance and it instantly calculates the effective shot distance (the "play it as" distance) and how far you should aim left or right. Choose your club as if you were hitting a shot of that distance and aim farther left or right as indicated.

- Removes ads and popups for 8 hours after an ad click so that you can get the functionality of the Pro version without paying the upgrade price.

- Adjusts for head winds, tail winds, and cross winds from 20 different directions.

- High contrast and large text for increased visibility on the golf course.

- Yards/MPH or Meters/KPH.

- Adjustable wind factor percentages for customizing to your playing conditions and your shot characteristics.

- Saves your settings and values so that you can exit the app and resume where you left off.

- Instant feedback for any changes to the wind direction, wind speed, or shot distance.

- Provides rapid changes using press and hold buttons, or fine tuning with quick button taps.

- Built in upgrade that sends you to the app store to get the Golf Wind Calculator Pro version with 60 wind directions, 1% wind factor adjustments, no ads, and no pop up messages.

- Provides a list of nearby weather sites that can be used to obtain detailed weather information with the direction of the wind adjusted for your device's heading.

- Using this app in competitions is against the rules since it provides an unfair advantage. You can, however, print out a course map ahead of time and draw an arrow in the direction of the wind. Then use this app to compute the adjustments needed from distances that you might hit from and note these adjustments on the map for each hole using the expected wind speed.