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NOFFS 2 Endurance for iPad

  • Health & Fitness
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Developed in partnership by the Navy and EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance Institute), The Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS) provides the Navy with a “best in class” physical fitness and nutrition program for Sailors. The Endurance Series is an advanced program designed to follow and is a progression to the Operational Series (NOFFS 1.0). The workouts in this series are designed to assist with breaking through training plateaus while decreasing injuries often associated with traditional endurance training. The workouts can be accomplished in a number of ways to include running, biking, rowing, or utilizing any cardiovascular machine. Beyond the cardiovascular training you would expect to see in this series, additional training components that are vital to your sustained success with endurance activities have been incorporated. These include pillar prep, strength maintenance, soft tissue release, and plyometrics. Although these components can be completed in separate workouts, together they will provide the tools necessary to maximize results. The six phases of cardiovascular training progressively develops both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, effectively enhancing one’s ability to cover a greater distance at a faster pace. The ability to customize these workouts based on heart rate and/or rate of perceived exertion (RPE) will make the workouts challenging and effective throughout the phases. The fueling aspect of this program will allow you to determine your total caloric needs to achieve your personal goals whether you desire to lose, maintain, or gain weight. The mealbuilder enables you to select high octane foods for each meal, populate your meal plan a week at a time, and email it to yourself. Finally, the regeneration component of this series will assist you with addressing and preventing common aches and pains. The soft tissue release techniques combined with the flexibility routine will restore muscular balance and ensure you develop and maintain the mobility necessary for high level performance.