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Calculator+ SECRETO

iPhone / iPad
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The SECRETO app is the easiest way to keep your private life hidden, with safety and privacy. Your conversations, videos, photos and chat will be invisible and only you will have access to it. Hide all inside your own phone and keep your relationships discreet and in secrecy. Keep your covert life away from curious eyes. The perfect alibi for the single and married.

DOWNLOAD now and activate your SECRETO id.


The app is a calculator where you put a SECRETO code and you can access a private area with your all your information.


- Contacts (free)
- Chat (free)
- Calendar (free)
- Email manager (free)
- Private internet browser (free)
- Photos (free)
- Videos (free)
- Notes (free)
- SECRETO phone number (paid)

If you are looking for a secret way of keeping your extraconjugal affairs and flings hidden from your wife or girlfriend, SECRETO is your place. Be invisible and don't leave any trails for your husband or boyfriend.

Use SECRETO to live new adventures, without the fear of being found. Don't take any chances, SECRETO will help you with the perfect alibi. Now you can have your secret life! Don't worry about keeping your videos, photos or chats in the app. It is safe and difficult to access. Exchange private messages and calls, using your own SECRETO phone number.

What happens in SECRETO stays in SECRETO

************* SECRETO PHONE NUMBER *****************

Bying a SECRETO PHONE number will provide you an additional phone number dedicated to your secret life for a full discretion.

Your SECRETO phone number will allow you to:
- Have an additional dedicated permanent phone number.
- Make / receive calls.
- Have a separate and secret Voice Mail.

By using a SECRETO phone number, the app will recognize when a SECRETO contact is calling you and will guarantee full discretion.

- If the SECRETO app is open, the SECRETO phone will ring and you will be able to answer the call.
- If the SECRETO app is closed, your phone will not ring and the call will transfer automatically sent to your secret voice mail.

>> In-App details for SECRETO PHONE subscription :
- The subscription is for a monthly period
- The subscription is automatically renewable
- The subscription can be cancel anytime on SECRETO AppleStore page

USA : Monthly charge 1.99 usd / 60 minutes package for 2.99 usd
FRANCE : Monthly charge 1.99 usd / 60 minutes package for 5.99 usd
PORTUGAL : Monthly charge 1.99 usd / 60 minutes package for 2.99 usd
BRASIL : Monthly charge 4.99 usd / 60 minutes package for 21.99 usd

>> Full version : 2.99eur only one time for unlimited chat, photos, video

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