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RN Analyzer

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The RACE NAVIGATOR Analyzer is designed to work exclusively with the data recording system RACE NAVIGATOR.

Analyze Data

Wondering what your max speed was? Curious why your last lap was slower?
Race Navigator Analyzer can download data for selected laps from the Race Navigator system via WiFi and present them on several charts or show video footage.

Keep Track of Your Laps

Bring some feedback into your next lap by analyzing previous ones. RN Analyzer lets you choose the data you want to focus on.
Engage right back into the race with crucial insight on what to do to get even a better lap time!

Dig Deeper

Analyze your laps on charts presenting values such as speed, RPMs , longitudinal g-force, lateral g-force and other with respect to the distance in lap! Compare your laps with laps of your friends or professionals to find a place where you can gain the most.
Review the situation on track with in lap video footage, check your position on the track - all in sync with selected points either from the charts or the track miniature presenting the whole run.
Gain additional information of your run using the g-forces diagram presented
as a cloud of points.

Drill Down the Time

Compare your laps on a time slip chart to check which run was your best and where did you negotiate the turn like a pro.
Sync a selected point with other views and gain knowledge of what made your
time better!