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ABC Baby Rattle Toy Pro

iPhone / iPad
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The ABC Baby Rattle is a completely Free Rattle Application for infants and toddlers. The rattle has been developed by 2 couples in search for something that would occupy their little ones. This is just the first version so we are looking for input and ways to improve. We already have a long list of features that we will be working on in the coming days. The ABC Rattle App worked great with our kids. At times it does get irritating for us and we have to lower down the voice but the kids absolutely love it. The "Boink Boink" makes my 5 months old go absolutely quite in trying to figure out what is going on no matter how fussy she is being and the 15 months old loves imitating the Boink Boink Sound. Its crazy funny, should give it a try and watch. Let the kid spend some time with it and then watch!!

Below is what we have so far in this App:

A Rattle Toy that bounces off the walls

The collision sound with the walls makes a funny "Boink" Sound

On shaking the rattle the rattle moves faster

On touching the rattle it plays a funny baby sound word/phrases like Shake Me/Ta Ta/ Hello/Bye/Aah

Background Music that plays constantly. We have had some user suggest that the sound should be toned down. That is something we are expecting to get more input on from the users of this app.

Background color changes to give a flashy attractive display for kids. The colors have been intentionally

kept not too bright but to an Average.

Touching the Background plays ABC in sequence in a Kids Voice.

Info screen that explains how to use the App.

Below are the features that we have lined up for our next version

Ability to turn the background music off

Ability to make the boink sound up or down

Ability to change the boink sound to a custom recorded sound

A different music to be played on shaking

More themes for the background to be available. Currently working on Animal and Christmas themes.

The Rattle Toy to have a custom picture in the center uploaded by the user to let parents upload any picture they like.

Please let us know your thoughts and feedback as that will help us improve the app. We cannot get back to you if you leave a review and are facing an issue as we have no way to contact you. So in case of issues and suggestions please email us at Please email us your comments and feedback and how the ABC Baby Rattle Toy does for your kids and for you.