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Anatomy Atlas: 3D Anatomical Model and Animation

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  • Medical
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This App optimized for iPad, takes maximum advantage of higher resolution and larger screen size to provide patients a never before available lavish visual environment in which to engage and learn about their conditions and treatments. This new point of care patient education resource presents 3D animations at a stunning new level of visualization, unmatched to date by other apps.

This App combines 3D medical animations with 3D Anatomical models. For doctors, nurses, students and consumer caregivers, this is the ideal resource for communicating core concepts, right in the palm of your hand and right at point of care.


Used as a complement to academic learning tools, the app can accelerate and reinforce understanding and comprehension of common medical conditions and treatments.

This App is derived from the world's largest 3D medical animation library. The main component is the 150 english animations (each approximately 1-2 minutes in length with accompanying narration), serving as an ideal starting point for patient understanding.

In addition to the 150 3D english animation videos, the new Human Atlas includes:

* 360 degree rotatable 3D Human Figures showing nine full body systems, e.g. circulatory, muscular, nervous, digestive, endrocine, immune, reproductive, skeletal, skin, urinary, etc.
As a mobile means of patient education, the Anatomy Atlas has no equal in information quality, scientific accuracy or ease of use. It is a dynamic way to help alleviate fears and concerns by simply explaining and showing, in 3D animation, the basic anatomy and physiology as it relates to common medical conditions and treatments. In the hands of professionals, students or consumers, it is an educational tool that goes well past static illustrations, bringing core concepts to life and accelerating understanding.