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The Art of Speaking: How to Say No

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Have you ever felt difficult or guilty to say no when you face the requirements from your good friends, the commands from your superiors, and the unreasonable bargaining from your customers?
The simple word "no" is often the most difficult to say. How to say no appropriately needs strategies and skills. Saying no timely and skillfully can not only maintain good interpersonal relationship, but also minimize negative effects. You can have enough time and energy to do your own business.
What are the skills of rejecting? How to say no naturally and definitely?
This app provides perfect solutions for you. It teaches you the techniques of how to refuse. You can improve your eloquence and interpersonal relationship. By studying the experience of language experts, we combine their theories and cases to show you how to say no appropriately.
We divide the cases into three parts: part one is the refusal art between the superior and subordinate; part two is between the colleagues; part three is between the sellers and customers. We also analyze “how to say no” under different circumstances.

【Characteristics of the app】

Combination of words and pictures
Interactive functions create cool visual enjoyment
Plenty of example explanation

【Customer reviews】

This is a cost effective app. Words and pictures are all abundant; I love it!
--- Barbara
The app teaches us many life methods. It is useful for the good guys who never turn down others’ requests.
--- Sheldon
Case analysis accompanying solutions are pretty good. We shall learn these skills. Stop saying yes all the time, and try to say no appropriately.
--- Nana

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