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HDI: Human Development Index & Country Facts

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--- NOW WITH 2015 HDR INFO!!! ---

The Human Development Index (HDI) and country facts app. A great reference for the latest HDI and lots of country facts (growth, IHDI - inequality, gender inequality, GDI - gender development, poverty, health, education, economy, public spending, social, security, international integration, environment and population) of the world. Good to travel abroad as well as to increase your knowledge of your country and the world out there.


Indexes and components
・Life expectancy index
・Education index
・Income index
・Mean and expected years of schooling
・GNI (gross national income) per capita
・List sortable by any major index

HDI growth (trends)
・Current, last year HDI & rank
・Average annual growth: last decades

・Quintile ratio
・Palma ratio
・Gini coefficient
・Inequality-adjusted indexes

Gender inequality
・GII & GII rank
・Gender inequality index
・Maternal mortality rate
・Adolescent fertility rate
・Women in parliament seats
・Men and women with secondary education
・Participation in labour force

Gender development
・GDI & GDI group
・HDI - Men & Women
・Life expectancy

・Multidimentional poverty index
・Population in poverty
・Population near/severe poverty
・Contribution of deprivation to overall poverty
・Pop. below income poverty line/National poverty line

Health (Children, Youth, Adult)
・Infants exclusively breastfed
・Immunization coverage for DTP and measles
・Child malnutrition
・HIV prevalence
・Infant, Under-five & Adult mortality rate
・Malaria, Tuberculosis
・HIV prevalence
・Life expectancy
・Health expenditure

・Literacy rate (By gender, Youth & Adult)
・Population with some secondary education
・Gross enrollment ratio (pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary)
・School teachers trained to teach
・Pupil-teacher ratio
・Performance in reading, mathematics and science
・Primary school dropout rate
・Expenditure on education

Economy and Public Spending
・GDP (gross domestic product)
・GDP per capita
・Gross fixed capital formation
・Consumer price index (inflation)
・Domestic food: Price level & Volatility
・Government final consumption expenditure
・Total tax
・Taxes on incomes, profits & capital gain
・R&D expenditure
・Domestic credit provided by the banking sector
・External debt stock
・Total debt service

Work & Employment
・Employment to population ratio
・Labour force participation
・Employment in agriculture & services
・Unemployment, long-term unemployment
・Youth unemployment
・Productivity: Output per worker
・Productivity: Working hours

・Birth registration
・Internally displaced persons
・Orphane children
・Prison population
・Depth of food deficit
・Homicide rate
・Suicide rate
・Violence againt women

International integration
・International trade
・Foreign direct investment, net inflows
・Private capital flows
・Net official development assistance received
・Inflow/outflow remittances
・Net migration rate
・International inbound tourism
・Mobile phone subscriptions
・Internet users

・Fossil and renewable fuel usage
・Electrification rate
・Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
・Natural resource depletion
・Forest area
・Fresh water withdrawals
・Deaths of under-five due to pollution
・Deaths of under-five due to poor water, sanitation or poor hygiene
・Deaths and population affected by natural disasters
・Population living on degraded land

・Total/estimated population
・Under-five population
・Over 65 population
・Annual growth
・Urban population
・Median age
・Dependency ratio
・Fertility rate
・Sex ratio at birth